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ieee fellow、加拿大麦克马斯特大学xiaolin wu教授讲学通知
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       应计算机科学与技术学院智能接口与人机交互研究中心刘贤明教授邀请,ieee fellow、加拿大麦克马斯特大学杰出工程学教授武筱林将于78日-11日访问我校,并作学术报告,欢迎全校感兴趣的师生参加。学术讲座信息如下:

讲座题目:locally adaptive rank-constrained optimal tone mapping



       讲座摘要:high dynamic range (hdr) tone mapping is formulated as an optimization problem of maximizing perceivable spatial details given the limited dynamic range of display devices. this objective can be attained, as    supported by our results, by a novel image display methodology called locally adaptive rank-constrained optimal tone mapping (larcotm). the scientific basis for larcotm is that the maximum discrimination power of human vision system can only be achieved in a relatively small locality of an image.  larcotm is fundamentally different from existing hdr tone mapping techniques in that the former can preserve pixel value order statistics within        localities in which human foveal vision retains maximum sensitivity, while the latter cannot. as a result, images      enhanced by larcotm are free of artifacts such as halos and double edges that plague other hdr methods.

       报告人简历:prof. xiaolin wu got his from wuhan university, china in 1982, and ph.d. from university of calgary, canada in 1988, both in computer science.  dr. wu started his academic career in 1988, and has since      been on the faculty of university of western ontario, new york polytechnic university (nyu-poly), and currently mcmaster university, where he is a professor at the department of electrical & computer engineering. dr. wu is an ieee fellow and holds an nserc senior industrial research chair. his research interests include image processing, data compression, digital multimedia, low-level vision, and network-aware visual communication. he has              published over 350 research papers and holds four patents in these fields, and served as associated editors of ieee transactions on image processing and of ieee transactions on multimedia. he also served on technical                  committees of many ieee international conferences/workshops on image processing, multimedia, data                  compression, and information theory.  dr. wu received numerous international awards and honors, including       velux fellowship, nokia research fellowship, monsteds fellowship, mcmaster distinguished engineering              professorship, uwo distinguished research professorship, and the 2008 vcip best paper award.